When fabric and precious stone become one

Diamond Chip

Suiting Collection

Forget diamonds on the soles of her shoes. We’re talking diamonds in the fabric of his suit. A Little Sparkle, Woven in 2001 marked Scabal’s first foray into combining cloth with diamonds. Our technique, developed after extensive research and testing, sees fragments of the gem processed directly into wool after its cleaning and combing. Invisible to the naked eye as individual chips, their combination in the raw fibre produces a uniquely glistening thread – ideal for spinning into unapologetically luxurious fabrics. Innovation and Heritage, Hand in Hand Of course, the beauty of our Diamond Chip range doesn’t come at the expense of its comfort. The material’s weight and composition ensure it hangs just as elegantly as a cloth made of diamonds deserves to, and the gem’s incorporation at its earliest stages of weaving mean that the finished fabric remains soft as the silk it contains. Woven at Scabal’s heritage Huddersfield mill, the diamond-infused Super 150 wool is combined with pure silk, for an 80-20 weave that’s as tactile as it is breathable. Standard Setting To paraphrase Picasso, we’ve spent centuries learning the rules to not only break them, but to set new standards. Scabal’s history is what propels us into the future – and 500 years spent perfecting our craft, honed at every stage, underpins every innovation.


Built around you

Personalising a made-to-measure suit is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from a suit made to your exacting specifications. Every aspect of its construction, from lapels to trouser pleats, is outlined by you, while handpicked buttons, linings and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.


Shirt is one of the most enduring items of men’s fashion, from haute couture to home-on-the-range casual-wear. To achieve shirt-based perfection, Lemarbespoke  offers a bespoke made-to-measure service for a range of styles.An expert guide to its variety of possible shirt models, offering more than nine collar and cuff options, a host of personalised options (buttons, embroidery) and 300 fabrics to provide the broadest choice for personalisation.

spring summer 2020

The collections celebrate the refine aesthetic and uncompromising quality that has come to define the brand. Continuing to be inspired by the journey rather than the destination, the design teams have created a collection that combines beauty and practicality with a sartorial edge. To fit the season, suits take a softer feel, featuring unconstructed silhouettes, soft shoulders and practical fabrics with technical attributes essential for today’s man on the move. Spring is a time for colour and the new fabric collections won’t disappoint. Light blues, pastel pinks, vibrant reds, soft greys and summer creams lend depth to a capsule wardrobe ideal for mix-and-matching. Choose a luxuriously bright silk from the Nobility collection or keep things more traditional with the Image and Cosmopolitan suiting ranges. A new introduction this season is Turbo Travel, a 100% wool which is lightweight, breathable, crease resistant and water repellent. The continued development of the outerwear collections sees the introduction of three new lightweight spring jackets, all designed to sit alongside suits and jackets to add a layer of additional warmth and practicality in the months where the weather is still unpredictable. Fabrics are water repellent on the outside and soft on the inside to ensure maximum adaptability and comfort.

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aesthetic and uncompromising quality.

The world’s best 3D shoe customization tool, private labeled and customized for you. Dozens of types of shoes and accessories are available for you  to create your own designs.

From luxury dressing shoe styles to casual, sport or specialty shoe collections (golf shoes, natural jute espadrilles, etc). Luxury Travel Bags, Handbags, Belts and small Leather Goods like cigar cases, phone cases... etc.All our items are handmade in Spain using the best selected leather skins and sartorial fabrics. The best artisans collaborate in the manufacture process by hand-cutting, hand-painting and hand-stitching every product

Complete your look with details in high quality leather.

A bag is never just a bag! A great bag is an iconic accessory, something that becomes a signature detail with your outfit. It’s a great way to store personal items with you, while also acting as a truly meaningful accessory that accentuates and expresses your own personal style.